Debian equivalent of RPM based system commands

rpm based deb based FreeBSD
ntsysv/chkconfig sysv-rc-conf
chkcnfig --list sshd /etc/rc.d/sshd rcvar
service httpd start invoke-rc.d apache2 start
rpm -q dpkg-query -W
rpm -qf dpkg -S
rpm -ql dpkg -L pkg_info -L
rpm -qi dpkg -p
rpm -V debsums?
yum info apt-cache show

Snow Raleigh North Carolina 2009-01-20

Well  I didn't believe it but it happened. It snowed enough to stick and is still snowing in Raleigh, North Carolina. I woke up at 5:30 am dreaming of snow and decided to take Maggie for a walk and take some pictures along the way. Road conditions are pretty bad and sometimes it's windy. Reminds me more of my college time in Boone, NC than the piedmont.

Pictures of Snow in Raleigh North Carolina 2009-01-20

Natural buzz when listening to people explain things

Sometimes when people are explaining things to me or when they are teaching me I get a slight tingling sensation in my entire head. I'd definitely compare it to a mild buzz from a drug of some kind. It feels so good yet so mild and unobtrusive that if you could easily and regularly reproduce it from taking a drug without any negative side effects it would surely be a very popular drug.

The first time I noticed it I was in kindergarten. It was a Montesorri preschool in Durham, NC where I was born. A female classmate of mine was demonstrating how to assemble or use some sort of toy. I believe it was puzzle like. She was speaking about it while she did it and explaining very well the steps you take, in what order and how to complete each step. I remember getting the tingling feeling and noticing it and suddenly becoming less interested in what she was showing me in the foreground and more interested in the buzz that started in the back of my head and slowly consumed my entire head.

Today I most often notice the buzz at work. I work in tech support and often have to listen to customers explain their computer network/servers/internet services and environment in detail. Sometimes when they explain it the right way I will get the buzz. I love it but it never lasts more than a minute or so. The fact that it never lasts more than a minute I think makes it more enjoyable too. Knowing that I only will get to enjoy it for a minute or so makes me concentrate on it more and makes it more special.

Sometimes I try to explain it to friends but no one I've ever explained it to has ever been familiar with anything like it. I think it's really odd that it is a specific feeling that I only get during really specific interactions with other people. I wonder if I've learned to expect it or create the feeling around those specific interactions because I first felt it under that type of interaction. Who knows?

vimeo.com and Accordion performer in Paris metro

I made an account on vimeo.com for uploading videos. The quality is very good compared to youtube so I will use this to upload videos from Europe and anything else in the future I think.

Here is my first video:



I also added a bunch of biking videos from Paris day 2 on my own gallery:



I'm a computer geek, mountain biker, road biker and interested in a few other things that are done outdoors. I work for an open source software company in Raleigh, NC. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2007. I live in Raleigh's Creative District.

You can contact me via email using 'johnbrier' at the really common google mail service.

If you want you can view my public GPG key, which I use to sign emails and you could use to encrypt messages and data you wanted to send to me.

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