Lykke Li - Let It Fall

I kept hearing this song on Sears commercials on TV so the last time I heard it I payed attention to the lyrics "let it fall" repeating over and over and googled it.

Turns out she is from Sweeden. Ha, good pop music from Sweeden what a surprise heh. I am going to take the album for a spin from and if I like it I will be getting it on amazon mp3.

Commercial Radio sucks

A friend on Facebook mentioned that a local college radio station was the only station around that didn't have a 5 song playlist. Which started the following rant:

Non-Commercial/Educational radio is the only thing worth listening to with few exceptions. and WKNC is the best station I've ever heard. Indie rock in the day, Electronic and underground hip hop at night, what more could you ask for?

The reason commercial radio sucks is that it doesn't serve the listener, it serves advertisers. The music is just an attraction used to pull in listeners for advertisers. So the music is just catchy and generic enough to appeal to the largest amount of people while not being off putting to anyone. It really isn't about the music, it's about getting the most people listening to commercials.

On the other hand Non-commercial/educational stations that already have funding, or are listener supported really do serve the listener, and they have more original and interesting music/programming. PERIOD. F commercial radio.

Happy Hardcore Mix - My personal favorite

This mix is part of a 4 CD net release that was initially offered for free download from a web site. The site has since been taken down, probably due to bandwidth costs but the set can still be found online easily. Even though there are 4 CDs in the set it is only one that is my favorite Happy Hardcore mix. CD 3 Mixed by Entity.

I think my favorite part about this mix are the first five tracks. They just go together so well and really setup up an incredible hardcore mix. The mix starts out with some really good Drum n Bass in the first track and breakbeat based hardcore shortly after that. In the fourth track,  "Absolution," the 4/4 commences and it doesn't let up for most of the mix. Next "Move as One" produced by Entity himself comes on.  Out of the transition of Absolution and into "Move as One" we hear "Tonight, we come together as one." Silence then leads to warm floating synths. Suddenly a totally uncheesey(seriously) piano solo comes on. This all builds incredible tension and then it just blows up into a trancesplosion. Super stabby trance synths are what make up this trancesplosion. Shortly after the stabby synths come the 4/4 kick drum. It cycles up and down for a few iterations and the goose bumps come and go. During the warm floating synth based builds there are even some breakbeats. I love this track. From here on out in the mix the energy is maintained at the same level. There are vocals and there are female vocals but somehow to me they aren't cheesey. Some mixes (Happy 2B hardcore series) use female vocals in almost every track and it just gets to be a bit much. This mix has a lot of good melody and that is important to me. It also has variety.

Mastered by Colin Meon at (

1. Entity 'Fallout (The Acolyte's Slamming Remix)'
2. Kid Hattrixx 'Crazy Mental Bonkin' Future'
3. SMS 'Another Nite (Breakbeat Mix)'
4. Frequential 'Absolution (Ionosphere Remix)'
5. Entity 'Move As One'
6. Entity 'Touch The Stars (Album Mix)'
7. Chwhynny 'My Love (Darwin Remix)'
8. Mark Brown featuring Sarah Cracknell 'The Journey Continues (DeejayBee & D-ice Remix)'
9. SMS vs Entity 'Lost in Balham'
10. Himbo & Deanne 'Looking Into Your Eyes (The BIG Mix)'
11. DJ Cruze & DJ Breaks 'Phatt Track'
12. Brain Blessed featuring Kelly C 'Unrequited (Ponder Remix)'
13. CLSM 'Hardscape'
14. Entity featuring Hattrixx 'Parasite (VIP Mix)'
15. Firefly 'Transmission (Exclusive COH Mix)'
16. Lost Soul 'Artificial Universe'
17. Lee UHF & Devastate 'Warped Disturbance'
18. Tabz 'Turntable Destruction'

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