Post Rock

I was first introduced to this genre of music on WKNC 88.1 FM here in Raleigh on the Post Rock Block (Sundays 6-8pm). The things I notice and am attracted to in the genre are the long tracks with a strong emphasis on melodies with tension, release and progression. It doesn't hurt that some of the bands that get tagged with this label also incorporate a lot of electronic instrumentation (Metavari). Also, these bands do not use any vocals which is appealing when you just want to get lost in the melody and not distracted by an over powerful singer.

If you're a fan of Progressive house or trance and also a fan of rock music like me you may find that this is an incredible combination for your tastes. Definitely check out Metavari if the last sentence applied to you.

I distinctly remember being a passenger in my roommate's car driving by Snoopy's on Hillsborough street turning left onto Gorman and hearing "Railroad Cancelation" by Don Caballero. Since then I've been tuning in most Sunday's. Here are some videos from some of the tracks I'm currently enjoying..

Commercial Radio sucks

A friend on Facebook mentioned that a local college radio station was the only station around that didn't have a 5 song playlist. Which started the following rant:

Non-Commercial/Educational radio is the only thing worth listening to with few exceptions. and WKNC is the best station I've ever heard. Indie rock in the day, Electronic and underground hip hop at night, what more could you ask for?

The reason commercial radio sucks is that it doesn't serve the listener, it serves advertisers. The music is just an attraction used to pull in listeners for advertisers. So the music is just catchy and generic enough to appeal to the largest amount of people while not being off putting to anyone. It really isn't about the music, it's about getting the most people listening to commercials.

On the other hand Non-commercial/educational stations that already have funding, or are listener supported really do serve the listener, and they have more original and interesting music/programming. PERIOD. F commercial radio.

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