Debian equivalent of RPM based system commands

rpm based deb based
ntsysv/chkconfig sysv-rc-conf
service httpd start invoke-rc.d apache2 start
rpm -q dpkg-query -W
rpm -qf dpkg -S
rpm -ql dpkg -L
rpm -qi dpkg -p
yum info apt-cache show

rpm -qi shows Vendor so you can see who built the package and usually what repository it came from. To see similar info with Debian use 'apt-cache policy package' This will show an http:// url so you can tell what source it came from.

I got a new Red Hat Certificate of Expertise

I passed a certificate of expertise exam on clustering and storage today. I didn't take the class, rather studied with associates and by myself on my own time. This is my first RHCA level exam that I have taken.

Here is the course outline if you're interested in what the class/exam covers:

436 outline

ioquake3 on Debian Lenny/testing

I got this error after installing:

$ ioquake3
./ioquake3.i386: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Make sure you have libopenal1 package installed and then make a symlink from /usr/lib/ to the actual library file.

# ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Run ldconfig just to be safe.

# ldconfig

ioquake3 now works.

Snow Raleigh North Carolina 2009-01-20

Well  I didn't believe it but it happened. It snowed enough to stick and is still snowing in Raleigh, North Carolina. I woke up at 5:30 am dreaming of snow and decided to take Maggie for a walk and take some pictures along the way. Road conditions are pretty bad and sometimes it's windy. Reminds me more of my college time in Boone, NC than the piedmont.

Pictures of Snow in Raleigh North Carolina 2009-01-20

Direct maps in autofs on Debian Lenny/testing

I am most familiar with RHEL/Fedora and I commonly use autofs with direct maps to mount NFS servers. Direct maps are not well supported in autofs4 but work great with autofs5. In fact on RHEL 4 and Debian Lenny/testing which both ship with autofs4 you have to manually enable direct maps in either /etc/sysconfig/autofs or /etc/default/autofs configuration files.

I'm used to using autofs5 in RHEL 5 and newer Fedora versions but as it turns out autofs5 is not included in Debian Lenny/testing which I'm trying out at home. One of the issues I ran into with autofs4 is that you can't mount the key directly under the root filesystem. You have to make the key under some other directory first. This behavior is described really well in this bug report against autofs4 on Fedora Core 3

Anyway if you want to get around that issue on Debian Lenny/testing it's easy to just install autofs5 from the unstable branch this way:

# aptitude install autofs5/unstable

That command/syntax is explained on this page, section 6.2.6:

EDIT 2009-08-09:
You don't have to do this anymore. Debian Lenny stable still seems to include autofs4 by default though. On Debian Lenny which is now stable just do 'aptitude install autofs5'

Natural buzz when listening to people explain things

Sometimes when people are explaining things to me or when they are teaching me I get a slight tingling sensation in my entire head. I'd definitely compare it to a mild buzz from a drug of some kind. It feels so good yet so mild and unobtrusive that if you could easily and regularly reproduce it from taking a drug without any negative side effects it would surely be a very popular drug.

The first time I noticed it I was in kindergarten. It was a Montesorri preschool in Durham, NC where I was born. A female classmate of mine was demonstrating how to assemble or use some sort of toy. I believe it was puzzle like. She was speaking about it while she did it and explaining very well the steps you take, in what order and how to complete each step. I remember getting the tingling feeling and noticing it and suddenly becoming less interested in what she was showing me in the foreground and more interested in the buzz that started in the back of my head and slowly consumed my entire head.

Today I most often notice the buzz at work. I work in tech support and often have to listen to customers explain their computer network/servers/internet services and environment in detail. Sometimes when they explain it the right way I will get the buzz. I love it but it never lasts more than a minute or so. The fact that it never lasts more than a minute I think makes it more enjoyable too. Knowing that I only will get to enjoy it for a minute or so makes me concentrate on it more and makes it more special.

Sometimes I try to explain it to friends but no one I've ever explained it to has ever been familiar with anything like it. I think it's really odd that it is a specific feeling that I only get during really specific interactions with other people. I wonder if I've learned to expect it or create the feeling around those specific interactions because I first felt it under that type of interaction. Who knows? and Accordion performer in Paris metro

I made an account on for uploading videos. The quality is very good compared to youtube so I will use this to upload videos from Europe and anything else in the future I think.

Here is my first video:


I also added a bunch of biking videos from Paris day 2 on my own gallery:

Europe pictures uploaded

I uploaded all mine and Matt's Europe pictures. There are over 1000. There is definitely some redundancy.. so I will have to weed that out. Within each album mine come first then Matts. They should be chronological.

London > Paris > Amsterdam > Berlin > Copenhagen > Stockholm

Link to Gallery

London Saturday October 11th

We left Raleigh on time around 6pm after enjoying a beer at the Admirals club at the airport thanks to Matthew's American Express Platinum card. The flight was unextraordinary. Matt slept during much of it because he has the gift from God to sleep anywhere. As for me, sleeping on the plane didn't happen much. Mostly I just counted the hours and slowly realized that I was going to arrive in a foreign country where the sun would just be coming up.. and to me it would feel like 1 or 2 am.

We landed around 6am after waiting in a holding pattern around Heathrow because they didn't want us to wake the Londoners.

We got our bags and followed the signs to the tube.

We got on Picadilly line terminating at Cockfosters. On the train we rode past our intended destination almost to the end of the line. On the Train Matt is telling me all the different monuments and interesting places we are going to see. All I can think about is, "but when do we sleep before all this?"

We went back on the right train and finally got Hampstead where we called Leo and met him around 10am. Leo is a former Red Hat employee out of the Farnborough, UK office that Matt knows through work. We arranged to stay with him this first day of our journey.

We showered and went out walking around London South of river Thames.

Some major landmarks we saw were Big Ben and The Parliament, London Eye, former city Hall, London Bridge, London Tower and Tower Bridge. We had fish and Chips at Hornimans pub. Then we went to Buckingham Palace and St. James park where we saw a friendly but fat squirrel (see youtube videos <link>). We continued walking around London and ended up at Trafalgar Square Shopping district. In Trafalgar Square there was a concert with Indian singers and lots of Indian people and Indian food and the like. We continued on into more very very busy streets/intersections.

Big Ben with John and Matt

Europe October 2008

On Friday October 10th around 6pm myself and Matthew went on a two week Europe backpacking trip mostly planned by Matthew. Matthew was the experienced travel buff and I was along for the ride per se. At 6pm we left from Raleigh Durham airport for London Heathrow. We arrived around Saturday 6am local time in London after about 7.5 hours in the jet. We stayed the night and left in the morning on the chunnel for Paris. Wednesday the 15th we left Paris by train to Amsterdam. This will be the last train. On Friday morning we left by plane for Berlin. Monday morning we left for Copenhagen. We stay in Copenhagen until Thursday the 23rd when we fly to Stockholm, Sweeden. Saturday night I fly back to London while Matt stays in Stockholm with a friend. Sunday morning I fly back to Raleigh. Matt stays with the friend for the remainder of the week and works in Farnborough, UK at the Red Hat office located there.

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