Fisher Price: My First DJ set

Well I finally did it. Friends had been asking me to start DJing in the past and after Uzoma started DJing at our local watering hole Ba-Da Wings, I asked if I could DJ with him. So I did a set of Indie, electro, house and tech house (kind of in order). I forgot to record it the actual night of, but here is a set I recorded as practice a few days before. The mixes aren't amazing.. but I had fun and will probably keep doing this whenever given the opportunity. Thanks to all my friends at Red Hat and outside of Red Hat who came out. Thanks to Uzoma for letting me spin with him. Thanks to Tanner for letting me use his Kontrol DJ MIDI controller and his Firebox soundcard.

Pinback - Non Photo-blue [150 bpm]
Passion Pit - Little Secrets [99 bpm]
Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) (128 bpm)
Animal Collective - Brother Sport [133 bpm]
Phoenix - 1901 (Build Remix) [130 bpm]
Luna City Express - Met Harvey in a Bar [125 bpm]
The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence [130 bpm]
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Streetlab mix) [115 bpm]
Delorean - Stay Close [131 bpm]
INOJ - Time After Time [131 bpm]
Cut Copy - Feel The Love [125 bpm]
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix) [123 bpm]
Forteba - Dizoxin (original) [123 bpm]
Tojami Sessions - Jazzbox (Music) (124 bpm) (loop at 1:16:06)
DJ Yellow - Ending of Time (I’ve been watching you) (125 bpm)
Lukas Greenberg - Prisoner In a Club (Attention Musiqe) (125 bpm)
Orbital - Halcyon & On (Dom Kane 2007 remix) (128 bpm)
(length 1:18:45)

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MP3 Download

Liquid Drum n Bass set by Greg Benz

I cannot recommend this Liquid Drum n Bass mix too highly. I have been loving it for the past week or two. Part 1 is tech/prog and it is good too, but part 2, the DnB mix is just soo uplifting. I love it. Go get it:

EX442 Systems Monitoring and Performance Tuning

I got another Red Hat Certificate of Expertise. Here is the course outline so you can see material covered by the course/exam RH442 outline. Now I only need to pass the EX333 Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services to get my RHCA! I've taken (and failed) the EX333 before but on the plus side I know what to expect, so next time I will prepare properly and I feel confident I can pass it. I'm signed up for the RHS333/EX333 in November..

Hiking in Wilson Creek

Derrick and I went hiking at Harper Creek in the Wilson Creek area wilderness this past weekend. We had a pretty awesome time until the end when the trail blazes we were following stopped before we got to our next trail. We got pretty lost and back tracked all over the place which ended up being good because we found an awesome view of the S. Harper Creek water fall (video below). In the end we ran out of water, had to tresspass on private property and ask a Christmas tree farmer and his wife for directions (they were kind and didn't get upset that we were on their land). Check out the pictures and video:

Harper Creek pictures

Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist

So last week I took the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization training and exam (RH318/EX318) and am now a Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator. With that plus the EX401 Satellite exam and the EX436 Cluster exam which I already have I am now a Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist. Pretty excited.. :-D

Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist


Ultraviolet - Kites and Simon Dupree and The Big Sound - Kites

I first heard heard the Kites song on Sasha and John Digweed - Northern Exposure which includes the cover by Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One). On Northern Exposure it is the seventh track on the first CD, North. Earlier today I got an email from my good friend Phillip Zucchino with the message

Thought you might find this interesting =)

There was an mp3 attached as well 612 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound_Kites.mp3

It was Simon Dupree & the Big Sound - Kites which is apparently the most well known version of this song, originally written by Hal Hackaday and Lee Pockriss. I didn't make the connection yet that this was the same song as on Northern Exposure. Back when Phil and I were living together in college I had shared a copy of all my favorite Sasha & John Digweed mix CDs from the 90s, so he was very familiar with the track too.. I'm still not sure how he came across this but it's cool so I thought I'd share it with others. Maybe you know the Simon Dupree & The Big Sound version but not the Ultraviolet cover, or maybe the other way around.

Chris Liberator - Acid Techno Mix

I have been on a hard techno/acid/trance/NRG kick lately and wanted to share the first mix I found during this kick.

After doing a little research searching out techno and acid I learned about Chris Liberator who has been doing hard techno and acid over in Europe forever, or so it seems.

One of the things I find about hard techno is that it can easily get too monotonous. Apparently it is just too irresistible for techno DJs to spin an unrelenting percussive bang out session which makes me think they must only be spinning to people on amphetamines or worse. I try to stay away from that (the percussive monotony, not the amphetamines). Anyway this first mix by Chris Liberator is not like that. It has ups and downs and it has small building melodies on top of the banging beats. As a bonus it includes a couple of tracks ready for use in your next DJ set. Check it out:


RH401 Satellite certificate of expertise

Almost a year ago I passed my first RHCA level certificate on clustering and storage. This week I took the RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management aka RHN Satellite and Xen Hopefully the next one I get won't be a year later. Here is the certificate of expertise..

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Red Hat Certificate of expertise EX401"]Red Hat Certificate of expertise EX401[/caption]

rpm fun

The more I learn about RPM the more I like it. I think it's one of those things where even if you can't be sure it's the best, just the fact that you know more about it than other comparable alternatives makes it the best. That's not giving enough credit to RPM.. I'm just not here to argue about which package type is the best. Anyway I am studying how to build RPMS in preparation for taking the RH401/EX401 this week. Yesterday I created an rpm, GPG signed it, rhnpushed rpm to satellite, created custom satellite channel, subscribed client to channel and installed rpm.

Today I just ran through recreating that rpm from scratch again (no looking at the book) this includes writing the spec file. Oh, and this is after the instructor tells me today that emacs has a built in template for a spec file.. This template is something I had been searching for before I memorized all this stuff. oh well.

Here is my latest rpm

[john@localhost i386]$ rpm -qip antiword-0.37-.awesome.i386.rpm
Name        : antiword                     Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 0.37                              Vendor: JOHN BRIER YELLING
Release     : .awesome                      Build Date: Mon 04 Jan 2010 11:19:58 PM EST
Install Date: (not installed)               Build Host: localhost.localdomain
Group       : Applications/Text             Source RPM: antiword-0.37-.awesome.src.rpm
Size        : 221844                           License: GPL
Signature   : (none)
Packager    : Totally Awesome
URL         :
Summary     : Antiword is a free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS.
Description :
Antiword converts the binary files from Word 2, 6, 7, 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003 to plain text and to PostScript TM.
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