Free and Open Source Contributions

A long time ago (Fedora 9 time frame/August 2008) I made some RPMs for Rivendell for Fedora: old Rivendell RPMs. I documented the installation process on the Rivendell wiki.

In March 2011 I made some RPMs for Mixxx for Fedora: old Mixxx RPMs.

There was a bug in portaudio that caused audio hangs for the old version of Fedora the above Mixxx RPMs were made for so they might work better with these portaudio RPMs.

Here are some other RPMs.

In July of 2012 I became a package maintainer in Fedora and maintain one package which is xwax.

As of October 2012 I have documented the process to create RHEL 6 RPMs for Rivendell. I don't have them hosted anywhere yet.

If you want you can view my public GPG key, which I use to sign emails and you could use to encrypt messages and data you wanted to send to me.