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Commitment is Long-term Unconditional Love

If you truthfully commit yourself to someone they will be empowered to love to a greater degree than they otherwise would. You don't even have to commit to loving everything about them or every moment with them, but the commitment to never give up and grow and work together instills confidence in them to love you even when they think it's dangerous, because they know in the long run you'll always love them. With their knowledge that you will ultimately forgive them no matter what, they will allow themselves to be vulnerable knowing that you won't judge them. For, they must be vulnerable in order to love because unconditional love mistakenly seem dangerous. One way that love can seem dangerous is if they believe loving you when you're doing something hurtful tells you it's acceptable and that it encourages it. The truth is that loving someone when they're doing something hurtful is forgiveness which tells them that you *know* they are better than that. Your forgiveness gives them permission to be better. They didn't think they were that beautiful but now your unconditional love shows them that they are. Then they love you back.


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