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Making contact with Dad on his new Elecraft K2

I made contact with my Dad on HF this morning for the first time ever. I was at my apartment in Raleigh, NC and he was at his home (where I grew up) in Wilmington which is about 120 miles apart. He was on his new Elecraft K2. My family got the Elecraft K2 for his birthday in July and he has been slowly building it since then. He has some issues with the frequency being about 30 khz off which he plans to fix but otherwise he sounded good. We both had S9 signals on 40 meters. I had to put up a new antenna to work 40 meters. I got the antenna up after dark using my trusty head lamp.. unfortunately the batteries were not as trusty and they died in the middle of the installation. Speaking of the middle, the middle of my antenna is supported by a post hole digger stuck in the ground with a 10 foot wooden dowel leaned up against it. Very temporary. I'll have to finalize the support of the antenna over the next couple days because by Wednesday it is likely to rain. I plan on using 4" x 4" 10 foot posts at the ends of the antenna. This antenna is setup in NVIS configuration in order to work my Dad who is relatively close and would otherwise be in the "skip zone." That said NVIS for this frequency should be 13 - 34 feet above ground ideally, so I may want to put some extension to the 10 foot posts to get it closer to 13 feet. If not, it already worked so I'm happy! Oh, I also need to trim the antenna because the SWR is 2:1 at the low end of my privileges (7.175 MHz) and just gets higher as I move up the band.


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