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League of American Bicyclists

I just renewed my membership to League of American Bicyclists. I just thought I would let yall know about it if you didn't already:

They are basically a special interest that lobbies in congress to ensure bicycling gets adequate support in our infrastructure. They also have programs for example that encourage kids to ride to work and education on how to ride in traffic and stuff. It's basically just a good organization. Individual membership is $40 but you can give more if you want.

It's more important now than ever before to support them because some of the fiscal conservatives that were elected into congress and the senate in 2008 are trying to gut spending including removing bicycling which they see as superfluous to our infrastructure. In my opinion it's the opposite. If we had more infrastructure that promoted cycling maybe that would prevent obesity and disease and we wouldn't need so much after the fact health care. Well I'm preaching to the choir I imagine, so just go join:



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