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Creating a QSL card in Inkscape

So since I've become active in ham radio again I have been working 17 meters SSB pretty regularly. The other day I worked a French station F2FG and apparently he needs North Carolina for his Worked All States (WAS) award. I know this because he sent me his QSL card requesting I send him mine to confirm the contact, specifically mentioning WAS. Well that creates kind of a problem because the only QSL cards I have are from when I lived with my parents in Wilmington and I don't live there anymore, plus those cards were ugly anyway!

So I have some free time on my hands and I got started using the Free and Open Source vector graphics editor, Inkscape. I was familiar with this tool and wanted to give it a shot so I went through some tutorials and went at it. I was picking it up alright but I had some issues so I asked my friend Patrick Connelly who has done some work for me in the past with it for some help. He whipped up a template for my required size which I had measured from other QSL cards I had as either 5 1/2" (w) x 3 1/2" (h) or 140mm (w) x 90mm (h). What I had been doing was making the page layout as small as a single card. I asked Patrick how I would want to store this for printing, ie one file with both sides or two separate files.

He recommended something else entirely which is apparently called a 2 up where you use a standard A4 page layout 8 1/2" x 11" but put two copies of the front of the card in one file and two copies of the back of the card in another file. Then you print that on standard A4 sized card and cut it yourself. So Patrick made two templates for me for this purpose (I'll attach them to this post). I then got to work with Inkscape and managed to get two some pretty satisfactory work. I have shared it with Patrick for feedback so it may change but I'm happy so far.

Check it out:

Here was my first draft before Patrick made the template for me. You can see the layout changed some too, in addition to not having the marking lines on where to cut the card:

Check out a screenshot of Inkscape showing the two files as they would be printed:

QSL_card_template_front.svg9.68 KB
QSL_card_template_back.svg9.35 KB


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