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Progressive Mix 3.0

I am still not happy with my beat matching skills but I was mixing on Friday for a few friends and one of them requested a copy of this mix so I redid it. It is what it is. I will keep practising and get better.


1. Petter - These Days
2. BAYER, Andrew - Distractions - Movement 4 (original mix)
3. Jimmy Roqsta - I'll Meet You There
4. Dave Goethels - Known
5. Marten Fisher - Vinyl Warning
6. A BALTER/EITAN REITER - second chance
7. Ray McPhoney - dark crevice
8. The_Big_Mountain_-_Moon_Explorer_(original_mix)
9. Marten Fisher - paper plane
10. 16 Bit Lolitas - cold energy
11. Mammutgroove - Ancient Kalahari - Tony Casanova Remix
12. Jose_Sandiego___Ismael_Del_Valle___Joseph_Grenada_-_Take_Me,_Anda


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