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Ultraviolet - Kites and Simon Dupree and The Big Sound - Kites

I first heard heard the Kites song on Sasha and John Digweed - Northern Exposure which includes the cover by Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One). On Northern Exposure it is the seventh track on the first CD, North. Earlier today I got an email from my good friend Phillip Zucchino with the message

Thought you might find this interesting =)

There was an mp3 attached as well 612 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound_Kites.mp3

It was Simon Dupree & the Big Sound - Kites which is apparently the most well known version of this song, originally written by Hal Hackaday and Lee Pockriss. I didn't make the connection yet that this was the same song as on Northern Exposure. Back when Phil and I were living together in college I had shared a copy of all my favorite Sasha & John Digweed mix CDs from the 90s, so he was very familiar with the track too.. I'm still not sure how he came across this but it's cool so I thought I'd share it with others. Maybe you know the Simon Dupree & The Big Sound version but not the Ultraviolet cover, or maybe the other way around.


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