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Chris Liberator - Acid Techno Mix

I have been on a hard techno/acid/trance/NRG kick lately and wanted to share the first mix I found during this kick.

After doing a little research searching out techno and acid I learned about Chris Liberator who has been doing hard techno and acid over in Europe forever, or so it seems.

One of the things I find about hard techno is that it can easily get too monotonous. Apparently it is just too irresistible for techno DJs to spin an unrelenting percussive bang out session which makes me think they must only be spinning to people on amphetamines or worse. I try to stay away from that (the percussive monotony, not the amphetamines). Anyway this first mix by Chris Liberator is not like that. It has ups and downs and it has small building melodies on top of the banging beats. As a bonus it includes a couple of tracks ready for use in your next DJ set. Check it out:


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