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Update from Brisbane

As I write this I am staying at my co-worker's home near South Bank in Brisbane. Ryan Mitchell has been an example of the great hospitality I have received from everyone through work and throughout Australia while I have been down here. At the end of my two weeks of scheduled work I had procrastinated and not made plans for my week off. Ryan and his fiancée Nicole hosted me in their guest room. Today Ryan took me surfing up and down the Gold Coast from The Spit and Main Beach through Surfer's Paradise and all the way to Coolangatta. I even got to leave Queensland and go into New South Wales. I have a good picture of me standing on the border in both Queensland and New South Wales which I'll post up later. In Coolangatta while standing next to Ryan watching surfers in the great blue Pacific I was almost attacked by a Dragon, but I'll save that story for a separate post (including pictures).

As for the surfing, I didn't really stand up that much, but I did have a good time and even successfully did some body surfing with a few tips from Ryan (who knew you had to hold one hand forward to support yourself and increase speed while continuing to paddle with the other hand?) It looks a little odd for sure, but it really makes you go faster.

I just booked two nights at O'reilly's Rain Forrest Resort in Lamington National Park in Queensland about two hours south of Brisbane. It should be awesome. On Thursday I'll head back to Brisbane and spend the rest of my time at Tinbilly hostel right down town in Brisbane. Hopefully I'll be having Tea a lot with Rain from Raleigh and Eva from Farnborough and the rest of the Red Hat Brisbane folks when I'm back. Friday the Brisbane office is having a Christmas party which I'll be attending (so early!).




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