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London Saturday October 11th

We left Raleigh on time around 6pm after enjoying a beer at the Admirals club at the airport thanks to Matthew's American Express Platinum card. The flight was unextraordinary. Matt slept during much of it because he has the gift from God to sleep anywhere. As for me, sleeping on the plane didn't happen much. Mostly I just counted the hours and slowly realized that I was going to arrive in a foreign country where the sun would just be coming up.. and to me it would feel like 1 or 2 am.

We landed around 6am after waiting in a holding pattern around Heathrow because they didn't want us to wake the Londoners.

We got our bags and followed the signs to the tube.

We got on Picadilly line terminating at Cockfosters. On the train we rode past our intended destination almost to the end of the line. On the Train Matt is telling me all the different monuments and interesting places we are going to see. All I can think about is, "but when do we sleep before all this?"

We went back on the right train and finally got Hampstead where we called Leo and met him around 10am. Leo is a former Red Hat employee out of the Farnborough, UK office that Matt knows through work. We arranged to stay with him this first day of our journey.

We showered and went out walking around London South of river Thames.

Some major landmarks we saw were Big Ben and The Parliament, London Eye, former city Hall, London Bridge, London Tower and Tower Bridge. We had fish and Chips at Hornimans pub. Then we went to Buckingham Palace and St. James park where we saw a friendly but fat squirrel (see youtube videos <link>). We continued walking around London and ended up at Trafalgar Square Shopping district. In Trafalgar Square there was a concert with Indian singers and lots of Indian people and Indian food and the like. We continued on into more very very busy streets/intersections.

Big Ben with John and Matt


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