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Europe October 2008

On Friday October 10th around 6pm myself and Matthew went on a two week Europe backpacking trip mostly planned by Matthew. Matthew was the experienced travel buff and I was along for the ride per se. At 6pm we left from Raleigh Durham airport for London Heathrow. We arrived around Saturday 6am local time in London after about 7.5 hours in the jet. We stayed the night and left in the morning on the chunnel for Paris. Wednesday the 15th we left Paris by train to Amsterdam. This will be the last train. On Friday morning we left by plane for Berlin. Monday morning we left for Copenhagen. We stay in Copenhagen until Thursday the 23rd when we fly to Stockholm, Sweeden. Saturday night I fly back to London while Matt stays in Stockholm with a friend. Sunday morning I fly back to Raleigh. Matt stays with the friend for the remainder of the week and works in Farnborough, UK at the Red Hat office located there.


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