Life is not a Zero-Sum game

In a thread on my facebook wall we are discussing cultural appropriation and racism, fun stuff, I know. I was googling around for something related to that discussion and happened upon the wikipedia page on reverse racism which mentioned this:

"A recent study conducted at Tufts and Harvard sought to quantify perceptions of reverse racism by surveying Americans who identified as White or Black. The study's title, "White People See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing", indicates its findings: that Whites feel as though they now suffer disproportionately from racism. (Blacks felt that anti-Black racism had decreased over time, but did not perceive increases in anti-White bias.) These results were constant for people of different ages and levels of education."

I read the study and it reminded me that I wanted to respond to the cultural appropriation thread from a spiritual perspective. I'll do it here instead.

We are all motivated by the belief that the world is a zero-sum game. Like whites believe that if minorities gain, they lose, so do we apply the same concept in every relationship we have: From interactions with people on the street all the way up to our closest relationships with our partners. We give to get. When we don't get what we want we remove ourselves in order to punish. We do this because we think we are separate, and that's the only way to get things, but we are not. If you give love, love will be returned. I mean that literally too. You could come up with a million examples of how there isn't enough for everyone, but they would all be wrong because they will all exist in a world that believes life is a zero-sum game. If you want to know what that world could be like, practice forgiveness (love). the next time you feel like someone has hurt you or not given you what you want, forgive them (give them love). In the end, each and every one of us just wants unconditional love.


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