What have I been doing over the past 7 months?

Not updating my website. haha, it's true, as often happens with blogs, they can go stale. Despite the fact that I haven't been posting for the past 7 months I have been doing things. I'll just try and list things instead of writing too many details so I can keep this short.

I went to Asheville this summer, twice. Once I went for my girlfriend's birthday where we went horseback riding, checked out The Biltmore house and hung out with my sister, who lives there. The second time we went for hot air balooning which we got a great deal on through groupon. Unfortunately the weather the morning of the flight was too foggy and our pilot cancelled the flight. We might go back around Valentine's day. We still spent time with my sister, her dog and my dog. For the second time we car camped as opposed to the first time for Anna's birthday when we stayed at the Asheville Green Cottage bed and breakfast.

Asheville wasn't our only visit to the mountains. We went to Boone twice too! The first time was for an Appalachian Gaming Club LAN party reunion of some of the original officers and members. We also stayed at a bed and breakfast which was awesome, except for the first night when we got locked out and I had to break through the window and cut my wrist. I have the scar to prove it, ask me about it sometime. The second trip to Boone was for a kind of annual gathering of old college friends. We normally go skiing/boarding every winter but we missed it the past two years so instead this year we went to the mountains for the summer and stayed over the weekend at a house just down 105 outside of Boone. We spent a day on Watauga lake which was super relaxing and beautiful.

Recently I went to Salt Lake City, Utah to go to a Byron Katie workshop which was a gift for my birthday from my girlfriend Anna. That was really interesting and a great learning experience compared to just reading her book. In addition I went mountain biking while I was there and just overall enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and walking around city downtown.

Right now I'm in a C programming class through Wake Technical Community College.