Boxee Box is a Disappointment

The boxee box has been quite a disappointment. I've said it before, but it really is annoying when boxee, based on XBMC is less usable than it's roots, and then netflix dies(even after restoring/reflashing and upgrading), and to add insult to injury I can't modify the open source software on the box, or put anything else on it (like xbmc). If it's going to be as limited as proprietary software I might as well have a proprietary box that works.


Are you looking for a

Are you looking for a solution? I'm not incredibly impressed with mine either, and although with a recent firmware update I've had many fewer issues, it's been nowhere near as nice to use as XBMC ever was. I still haven't gotten it to successfully scan my media even though I know it's named in an accepted format. All in all I'd give it a C or C+.