Hannah Montana Linux is Real

Hannah Montanna Linux, You might think it's a joke, but the author claims it was created to entice young people into using Linux. I fired it up in a VM and it is actually real. It took me a while to find a torrent link that works so I'm attaching the torrent I used here. Here are some screenshots. I didn't actually get it installed because I accidentally only made my KVM guest's disk image 1000 MB and by the time the install failed I was ready to go to sleep, but I did get far enough to get some screenshots of the installer (including syslinux boot splash screen!) and the live CD functionality to get a feel for it. It is real.

hannah_montana_linux_x86_basic_edition.iso_.95fbb9c8e3055db4.torrent27.53 KB



i wonder if the OS has easter eggs... like hanna montana doing illicit substances and speaking in tounges