Whirligig 100k permanent randonneur

My buddy Ian P. Hands has been trying to get me to start randonneuring for at least a year. Early last week I sent off my registration for Randonneur's USA which is a group of cyclist that do long distance rides. When I say long distance I mean long like 1000k long.

Today I did my first rando ride. It was a 100k (~60 miles) permanent which means it's a predetermined ride that is always available to ride for credit even if there isn't a scheduled group ride. It was a lot of fun.. The ride was called the Whirligig ride. I didn't know why but someone explained we were going to the "whirligig farm" as if I should have known what a whirligig was..

Turns out I did, I just didn't know what it was called. Ian me and a bunch of other guys from work often do Wednesday night rides that go on the trail behind Meredith College and the NC Mueseum of Art where you can see this guy

So here are the rest of them in action:

Here are some stills in my gallery

The ride was awesome. we had ten people total but one dropped off early so just nine in the peloton. It was pretty windy going out so the group was very nice to have to block the wind. The one time Ied the pack (double line) it was hard.

With the strong wind behind our back the last 7 miles or so I think we must have been averaging 20-25 mph.. I was about to give out.. had a bit of cramping. I was so glad to see and recognize the parking lot of Food Lion where we had started and realize we were finished.

When I got home I made some hamburger helper (cheeseburger macaroni) ate that and then passed out for an hour or two.

Good times.


JB, wow! Great thing and

JB, wow!
Great thing and thank you for sharing ;)

I never tried this kind of riding, but I heard about it, just as what you are saying here.
Wish you to persist on this ;)


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