Fisher Price: My First DJ set

Well I finally did it. Friends had been asking me to start DJing in the past and after Uzoma started DJing at our local watering hole Ba-Da Wings, I asked if I could DJ with him. So I did a set of Indie, electro, house and tech house (kind of in order). I forgot to record it the actual night of, but here is a set I recorded as practice a few days before. The mixes aren't amazing.. but I had fun and will probably keep doing this whenever given the opportunity. Thanks to all my friends at Red Hat and outside of Red Hat who came out. Thanks to Uzoma for letting me spin with him. Thanks to Tanner for letting me use his Kontrol DJ MIDI controller and his Firebox soundcard.

Pinback - Non Photo-blue [150 bpm]
Passion Pit - Little Secrets [99 bpm]
Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) (128 bpm)
Animal Collective - Brother Sport [133 bpm]
Phoenix - 1901 (Build Remix) [130 bpm]
Luna City Express - Met Harvey in a Bar [125 bpm]
The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence [130 bpm]
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Streetlab mix) [115 bpm]
Delorean - Stay Close [131 bpm]
INOJ - Time After Time [131 bpm]
Cut Copy - Feel The Love [125 bpm]
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix) [123 bpm]
Forteba - Dizoxin (original) [123 bpm]
Tojami Sessions - Jazzbox (Music) (124 bpm) (loop at 1:16:06)
DJ Yellow - Ending of Time (I’ve been watching you) (125 bpm)
Lukas Greenberg - Prisoner In a Club (Attention Musiqe) (125 bpm)
Orbital - Halcyon & On (Dom Kane 2007 remix) (128 bpm)
(length 1:18:45)

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MP3 Download


very nice mix. pinback + data

very nice mix. pinback + data center specialist :)
congrats on your certs and thanks for the music.

Thanks, I see you came from

Thanks, I see you came from and are in Ireland it looks like. I was wondering how someone found me that knew linux and liked music. ;-)

yup on both counts. dublin is

yup on both counts. dublin is currently a hotspot for DCs and HQs for tech companies. a lot going on in tech here right now - its good to be in a semi recession-proof industry :)
nice eclectic mix of music, nice blog too.
i see you like aphex twin. been listening to him a lot lately. have you heard this :

Ah, yes it is good to be in

Ah, yes it is good to be in this Industry. What is DC and HQ? Data Center and Head Quarters? You are a sys admin? Thanks for the compliments and thanks for the link, I had not seen that. That is so cool, and I apparently have a mistagged my version of that track, I always thought it was "Film" lol. FAIL. but that was really cool. put a smile on my face, thanks.

yeah - acronyms are an

yeah - acronyms are an occupational hazard in tech. sysadmin is my background. i'm managing teams of sysadmins and network/security guys now. which means i say "can you please comment your code..." alot. glad you liked the bad plus. saw them play in dublin once and they do all kinds of crazy covers plus their own stuff. i have yet to see aphex twin live. but i'm a patient guy :) here's another interesting cover you may or may not have heard...

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