Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant in South Bank of Brisbane

As you could probably guess Australia is generally hot. It was weird to go from cool/rainy in Raleigh straight back into August hot summer. It took me about a week to  get past the jet lag but now I am good on that point. (It's nice not  waking up at 5/6am every morning and being ready to go for no reason,  and also getting sleepy at 2/3pm in afternoon).

Brisbane is a pretty lively place even though Ryan Mitchell keeps telling me it is "small." Though it is pretty spread out. Last night John Ko took us to Ahmet's which is a Turish restaurant in South Bank. We got the "King's feast" which is a  multi course meal and it was very good. At one point jko noticed that all 6 of us were from different countries, James Livingston (AUS), Nigel Jones (New Zealand), Anand Vaddarapu (India) me (US), Jose Castillo  (Spain), John-Bae Ko (Korea).  Jose Castillo is another L2 from the Farnborough, UK office though originally from Spain. We are staying together at the Evolution Apartments on the same block as the Red Hat offices here in Brisbane.

James Livingston and Nigel Jones


mmmm!!! Tasty!

mmmm!!! Tasty!